The Body in the Trinitarian Model

.... We’ve already established a correlation between the Godhead and the structural essence of man, who is made in the likeness and similitude of God: God has a soul and Spirit, and man has a soul and spirit. This leaves us with just one more area to look at. What about our mortal body? Does that equate to the person of Jesus Christ within the Godhead?

.... The only answer to this must be No, it does not. There is no correlation. This is because the Word did not become flesh until John 1:14 and therefore it cannot be described as an original part of God’s essence.

.... So this offers us another question mark. If Jesus Christ, God the Son, does not correlate within the Trinity to the human body within the tripartite man, then what does He correlate to within man? This is where some of our deepest thinking must be applied. In order to elaborate on this concept we must introduce human understanding along side of Scripture, so please remember that this is only a concept and I do not intend for it to become an actual doctrine. But I really wish you’d think about these things. Perhaps with further Scriptural research the concept itself could be tightened up and might prove useful.

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